Lifestyle Transition Options: The "Skinny" On Downsizing. 

Lately, I have received a few emails regarding home and lifestyle downsizing.  Here are four different comments from within those emails….each of them different, yet similiar.

Just The Two Of Us:  “Our family grew and now the kids are gone.  Memories have collected and are gathering dust in this big, old house.  Our family home is now too large for just the two of us."

Single-Sized:  “Finding myself single again, has me searching for a smaller home that takes less time and money to maintain.  I’m also needing an easy transition within my timeline and budget.”

Moving Ma & Pa:  “My parents are getting older and are considering a retirement community, but they easily become overwhelmed by the options available to them.  They need someone to help guide them through this transition step by step.”

Money Matters:  “We are considering downsizing our home in order to downsize expenses.  As hard-working, money-smart homeowners, we want to make a move that makes financial sense.”

Where to start?  What do we do with our stuff?  What do we take with us?  Where do we go?  How do I know what type of home works for me?  What can I afford?  These are all valid and common questions that people have when considering downsizing their home, no matter what lifestyle transition they wish to make.  These questions should all be considered.

As a REALTOR®, I can help with making a successful transition to an easier lifestyle by determining your priorities and providing you with information on the many options available, so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Assessing your actual needs vs. wants.  Why are you considering downsizing, and what amenities are you needing in order to make the move?  Together, we will take your current lifestyle and future lifestyle wishes into consideration in order to draw up a plan of action to make the transition easier.

Let’s get rid of the excess baggage (literally!).  What do you really need or want to keep?  This can be extremely difficult, especially because over time, we tend to accumulate “stuff” - and lots of it!  Here, I can offer solution options for home cleaning, organizing and storage (for those items you just can’t give up!).  We also discuss charitable donation options, consignment shops and yard/online sales options for those items that you have no need for any longer.  This all makes packing easier!

Finding the perfect home for you and your lifestyle can be tricky.  Where are you going to go?  How do you know what type of home will work for you?  In the action plan as mentioned above, we discuss your lifestyle needs and wants to come up with options that may work for you.  As your REALTOR®, I will show you the many options available such as:

— Apartment style condos — Semi-detached housing — Loft style condos — Townhouse style condos — Retirement community — Golf community — Single family homes — Cabin/Cottage at the lake — Shared housing options -

Discussing money matters is extremely important.  Downsizing presents the possibility to save money, through lower taxes and insurance, lower utility bills, less home maintenance and repairs, along with smaller mortgage payments, leaving more money available to you each month!  One thing that you do need to consider are any payout penalties (such as early mortgage payout….this is something that we discuss when we draw up your plan of action.  You do not want to become excited about saving money, only to pay monetary penalties at the end of the day. Make a move that makes financial sense.

You and your interests come first.  Ultimately, the decision to downsize to a smaller home is a tough one emotionally, even though rationally it may make a lot of sense.  It’s important to sort through your emotions and think about the benefits, which can be substantial.