When Was The Last Time You Cleaned These 20 Items?

Did you know there are 10 MILLION bacteria per square inch of a kitchen sponge? What about the fact that your pillow is as germy as a TOILET SEAT! Those are just two of the mind blowing (and scary) facts about common household items that are probably not getting cleaned as regularly as they should be. With that said, here are 20 items that you should give a little extra TLC to this weekend!

Remote Control

Good Housekeeping spilled the dirty truth on the Today Show by reminding us that while we know remotes are often the dirtiest item in a hotel room the same holds true for our homes. You should clean this, and game controllers, once a month with some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip for those hard to reach spots.

Kitchen Sponge 

Do you wash your dishes in the toilet?  Ya, I didn't think so.  But there is generally more traffic in your kitchen than in your bathroom, so your kitchen sponge is like a huge and shady nightclub for bacteria. 
There are few ways to clean your sponge regularly, such as boiling your sponge, microwaving it on high, or soaking it in bleach (a quarter to half of a teaspoon of concentrated bleach per quart of warm, not hot water) for at least a minute. I suggest replacing it once a month or sooner!

Stove Knobs

Cleaning stove knobs can be a pain but it is an important part of keeping your kitchen free of the germs we spread from handling food. For a quick clean simply pull off the knobs and soak them in a bowl of white vinegar.


Sometimes we forget to clean the things that clean ? .  Add cleaning this appliance at least once a month to your to do list.  You can do this by running an empty cycle with a cup of white vinegar. 

Light Switches

When cleaning your house, keep one thing in mind: If hands touch it, it needs cleaning. So how often should you actually clean switches? The answer is weekly!  Give them a quick wipe-down with a disinfecting wipe.  Done!

Door Knobs

I think we are all guilty of forgetting this one…especially the doorknobs outside! Cleaning professionals recommend wiping down doorknobs with a household cleaner or disinfecting wipe about once a week.

Garbage Cans

Sure you take the trash out when the bag is full but when was the last time you actually scrubbed the inside of the can? And how about the can(s) outside?


You may change your sheets every week (or every other week) but when was the last time you cleaned your comforter? Home experts suggest cleaning it once a season.  


Dust mites, pet hair and and dead skin…oh my. Gross, right? Yes, I agree. But sadly all of these things might be living in and on the place where you lay your head to sleep each night. Home experts once again suggest washing your pillow cover every three weeks in the washing machine. Then, wash the pillow itself every three months.

Keurig/Coffee Maker

Is your morning cup of Joe contaminated? I hope not. To be sure, it is recommend that a Keurig be cleaned (and descaled) every 3-6 months. Check your coffee maker manual for descaling instructions.

Drying Rack

Anything that has standing water in it tends to be…well…stinky. Be sure you scrub down that drying rack every few days to avoid a slimy mess.

Top of the Fan

Cleaning a ceiling fan can be a dirty and dusty job if you let it go too long. I suggest cleaning fans every other month if you use the fan year round. You can use a stiffer extended brush to reach way up there!

Pet Toys

If your house is anything like mine then there are more toys than your little fur baby could possibly ever need. It is important to give their toys some cleaning tlc regularly!

Lint Trap

This is a super important one not only to keep your home clean but also safe! It sounds silly to do but dryer lint is the most dangerous and flammable item in your house. Clean the lint trap after every load to increase air flow; clean out the dryer vents regularly to increase air flow and reduce strain on the motor. In the winter, make sure that dryer vent flaps are not freezing shut or sticking.

Washing Machine

Washing machines are pretty clean since you use often use hot water to clean your clothes but they still need attention about once a month. To clean your washer just run an empty load with hot water and white vinegar or baking soda.

Toothbrush Holder

This is one of the germiest items in a home. Pretty gross considering it holds the item you clean you mouth with.
Seriously, it's a little bacteria magnet. Keep it clean, store it (FAR AWAY FROM THE TOILET, PLEASE!) and replace it every 3-4 months. 


According to home experts, you should be cleaning your sofa with a vacuum every 2 weeks and it should get a deep clean once a year. Hey, the silver-lining is you may find some spare change while you are flipping those couch cushions over!

Toilet Bowl Handle

Think outside of the box bowl. Use a disinfectant wipe and make sure to close the lid to avoid airborne germs!

Ice Cube Trays

Does your ice taste funny? There is a chance that may be from the ice tray being dirty and not actually your water. A little homemade cleaning solution of warm water and baking soda will do the trick.  Scrub each cube section of the tray and rinse well with warm water. 

Make Up Brushes

Brushing bacteria onto your face may not be your first thought you have as you apply powder, blush or eye shadow to your face but if you aren’t cleaning them regularly it is exactly what you are doing. Make sure to clean all of your brushes once a month.