Saskatoon Is Great!!....Do You Know What Else Is Great?

Saskatoon is "The City of Bridges" and appropriately named due to the seven structures that span the South Saskatchewan River.  A young, vibrant and entrepreneurial demographic is energizing the city with exciting new things to see and do.  Recently, Saskatoon has been named the 4th most travel worthy destination in Canada, and is also the only Canadian city on the New York Times' List of 52 Places To Visit in 2018.  With over 300 acres of riverbank parks and trails to explore, and with more hours of sunshine than any other major Canadian city, Saskatoon is a nature-lover's delight.  It is beautiful.  It is also home to so many amazing restaurants, live music venues and festivals, and host to many fun cultural activities.  There is never a shortage of things to do.  Straight up, Saskatoon is great!

Do you know what else is great? clients.  I get to work with really wonderful people each and every day and get to know a lot about them as we spend time together obtaining their real estate goals and dreams.  One of my clients, who happens to be a former neighbour of mine, also seems to appreciate the beauty of Saskatoon and surrounding areas.  He also happens to be a very talented amateur photographer.  One of his great photos is being used on my "Featured Properties" page in the header, but its tough to see, so I figured I'd give him a shout-out on here.  His pic is below...isn't it stunning?!  He also took the photo at the top of this blog post.

Thanks again, Jordan, for allowing me to use your images on my website!

Check out Jordan's great pics on his Instagram page, here: