Hoops, Homes and the Love of People.  The Power of Hoops.

Finding a home isn't all about square feet and stainless steel appliances, it's about finding a place to love. Sometimes it's the little things, like a hoop in a driveway that can make a new house and neighborhood feel like home. 

When I grew up, every day after school a group of friends would meet up and play basketball in someone's driveway.  There was always someone new joining in, and new friends were always being made. We'd go from house to house, hanging out and shooting hoops. Neighborhood pickup games, Knockout, 21, Around the World, and Beat the Pro were regular games played with the neighbours.  Summer days, rainy afternoons, and even post-shoveling snow days presented an opportunity to play.  As a kid, it was times like these, just hanging out at HOME with new friends, where I was most comfortable.  It wasn't even about the game of basketball but rather that it brought people together, people that I loved to be around.  As an adult, I see the same thing all around my current neighbourhood.  Kids running around, shooting basketballs, laughing and making new friends. 

There’s a recurring theme in real estate from the media and our competitors about how easily replaceable real estate agents are, so it is with great pride that I want to introduce to you our newest advertising campaign. This is an ad that speaks to our love and dedication to people and home since 1906, a commercial that speaks to our ability to “read the situation” and show the unmistakable, irreplaceable power of human touch.