Adventure Awaits  ....Where To Next?....  Let Me Get My Atlas!

I love to travel, especially to hot destinations like the Caribbean islands, where I can relax by the water, with my toes in the sand and the sun on my face. My favourite place is Negril, Jamaica with its gorgeous 7 Mile Beach, Blue Mountain coffee, and amazing jerk chicken. But I also love to visit other places that are rich in culture and history, and feel like my life changes somehow, with each new destination and experience.

I knew I loved to travel even before I ever actually did travel. When I was a kid, I would pull out my Atlas (yes, I’m old haha) and circle the names of places that I dreamed to see one day and knew I would one day get there. I guess you could say I had the "travel bug" at a very early age, but only started travelling when I was an adult. I’ve been fortunate to tick off a few destinations from that list, but I still have a rather long and diverse “wish list” of places I would like to travel to. Among those are a few popular countries like Italy, Greece, Peru, Japan, Egypt, Prague, France, Thailand, Tanzania, St. Lucia, Brazil and Indonesia.

Where to, next? Let me get my atlas.  Haha!