Coldwell Banker: Project North Star Guiding You Home

Something pretty special was revealed at this year's Generation Blue Experience conference in Las Vegas. I'm excited to share the changes coming to the Coldwell Banker mark and logo. The new CB North Star mark tells the world who we are. This is the North Star, symbolizing the brand’s position in real estate as a consistent, reliable presence guiding us all home. The North Star mark is a visual representation of the brand’s commitment to excellence. It is clean and simple, yet elegant. It is modern but still pays homage to the brand’s storied 113-year history. The North Star also symbolizes the Coldwell Banker network. Even in a new real estate landscape, agents remain a constant, guiding consumers as they navigate the home buying and selling process.

It's fresh, and it definitely leaves it's mark.

Coldwell Banker, guiding you home.